The "Way2"
Free Seminar
Re-discover each ​other

Weekend Workshop
The 9 Agreements

"The Way to a Man's Heart / The Way to a Woman's Heart - How to Keep Superman Flying and the Queen Reigning" is a must-see, 2 hour, stand alone event.  If you only do this seminar your life will never be the same.  

The "Mastery" (advanced course) cements the 9 agreements into daily living.  You will be blown away by what happens in your life in consequence of your Mastery experience.

The "Sending the Right Message" Weekend Workshop is nothing short of a miracle. We can't completely explain why or how.  We can just say that at the end of the weekend, you will be experiencing a clarity, calm and sense of purpose like you never before have.

Sending the Right Message 
Support for Healthy, Vibrant Relationships 

  • Assisting couples in creating the unimaginable life- waking up each morning, in love!
  • Assisting divorced singles in opening their heart to possibilities.
  • Assisting young adults toward a balanced, effective, healthy dating.
  • Assisting everyone toward vibrant health.

Healthy Body
Healthy Relationships

doTERRA (the no. 1 essential oil company in the world) can play a major role in the vital health and relationships you see for your life.

Pathway to the Unimaginable Life

Lead Facilitator, John Canaan.

 For more information, or to register for an event email us at:, or call (435) 728-0354