​ Featuring

- Message by Michael Wilcox

- Children's One Voice Choir

- John Canaan

- April Miservy

- Canaan Family Singers

- Kaycee Dunfield

To Benefit: Operation Underground Railroad
(Tim Ballard's operation to end child sex trafficking)

&  Eagle Condor Humanitarian

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Call/text (435) 728-0354  email: strminformation@gmail.com
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The Way to a Man's Heart / The Way to a Woman's Heart  -  Pics
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Fund Raiser for OUR (Tim Ballard) and Eagle Condor

​​​Our mission is to assist our participant's toward lives of hope, vision, intimacy & vibrant health
1) Assist couples in creating their own personal "It's a Wonderful Life!"  
2) Assist singles in opening their hearts to possibilities 
3) Assist all of our participants in achieving the kind of vibrant health that supports an open heart and a wonderful life.

STRM Mastery Moving from surviving to thriving!

Weekend Workshop  "The 9 Agreements"