​ Featuring...

Michael Wilcox
- Children's One Voice Choir

- John Canaan

- April Miservy

- David Tolk​ (with Mackenzie Tolk)
- Kaycee Dunfield & Sisters

To Benefit: Operation Underground Railroad 
(Tim Ballard's operation to end child sex trafficking. There are nearly 2,000,000 people currently being held against their will as sex slaves.  See video below)

Also benefiting Eagle Condor Humanitarian

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Fund Raiser for OUR (Tim Ballard) and Eagle Condor

​​​Our mission is to assist our participant's toward lives of hope, vision, intimacy & vibrant health

1)  Assist couples in creating a positive, intimate, fulfilling marriage.
2) Assist singles in opening their hearts to possibilities.
3) Assist all participants toward the vibrant health that supports an amazing life!